Updated the Benjamin/Mary Polly Sparrow Whitehouse, James Hanks Sparrow, and working on Elizabeth Sparrow line. 2/19/201009.   Some just added dates & places.

  This site starts with James Wright Sparrow, Henry's Dad, and lists his brothers and sisters to give a more complete picture of this line.  Then it goes into Henry, Sr.'s children and all their descendants.
   Many descendants have communicated with me over the years.  I believe I have the most extensive list of descendants available at this time.

   History books have told us that Lucy Hanks who married Henry Sparrow was Abraham Lincoln's
grandmother. Today, there are so many undocumented stories about Lucy and Nancy Hanks that no one can prove the truth.  This site does not get into the controversy other than what I just wrote.
One day someone may have DNA or other means to prove or disprove all the claims.  I am trying to track down the female lines of descent from our Lucy to the present.  I have been told that this is the DNA necessary to prove (or disprove) our Lucy.  Unfortunately, I am from three of the sons.  I can prove my line from Henry & Lucy Hanks Sparrow.

   When looking for someone on this site, keep in mind that this family intermarried several times.  The numbering system can also change.  Henry Sr. is my 4th gr-grandfather on my grandmother's parental side but 5th on my grandmother's maternal side.  I am descended from George & Susan Ingram Sparrow, Henry & Ailcey Smith Sparrow, Thomas & Sally Smith Sparrow, and Thomas & Mary Smith Sparrow.

   If you are hunting someone and don't find them here, leave a message on the guest book & perhaps someone can help or email me as I don't check this that often.  I would like to see it used as a forum. Sorry but I don't know how to let you hunt for a certain name & this sight is not that familiar with genealogy.
  Keep checking back. This site will grow as I add copies of marriage licenses, pictures, and other information I have collected.  If you need further information, I may have it on my computor as I could ony put so much on this site.  Just ask.
I'm having a hard time getting this together.  I want to thank my brother-in-law, Steve Murphy.  If it wasn't for his help with this, I would have given up.  Thanks Steve.

I welcome any & all comments, corrections and/or additions.  Thanks for visiting.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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